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Amazonia Acai Powder 270g Tub Acai Powder

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Acai Puree 750ml Bottle

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Amazonia Acai 500mg Capsules
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Acai Berries Singapore 

Amazonia Acai (Purpleberry) is Certified Organic Acai and  Fair Trade direct from the Amazon Rainforest.   The Purest and most potent Acai available.

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Imagine a place deep in the Amazon rainforest Ö an organic ecosystem with rich, dark soil full of nutrients & trace elements; a place untouched by chemicals and pollution, where plants and animals thrive in their pure, natural state,  just as Mother Nature intended.

ACAI BERRY PRODUCTS Acai palms grow along the banks of the Amazon River, drawing rich nutrients from the soil to create their amazing Purple Berries (Acai).

Itís from these wild growing, untouched Acai palms that Acai Berries are hand picked, delivering the  natural essence of the Acai Berry into our range of organic AMAZONIA ACAI products.
So take your time and discover the wonders of Acai or Purpleberry. 

Our  online store is easy to navigate and completely secure, plus all subscriptions are obligation free.   Remember all Amazonia products come with our "purest and most potent" GUARANTEE.  


Supporting Amazon communities and help rainforest regeneration with Acai Palms.   Acai Berry Palms are fast growing native plants that reclaim damaged land and provide food & employment for Amazon Communities.  Be a part of our ALL ROUND POSITIVITY movement.
Acai Berries with Sustainable Harvesting
AMAZONIA DONATES 5% of any annual profit directly to the communities that help gather or berries, and environmental initiatives within the company.


         Health & Wellbeing is Easy . . .  Enjoy Purpleberry Everyday

Acai Berries Health & Wellbeing Amazon Rainforest
All AMAZONIA ACAI products are FAIR TRADE protected and GUARANTEED Purest Quality Acai

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Our Freeze Dried ACAI has over 42 times the antioxidants of blueberries! See the effects Amazonia Acai had on blood.
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The natural biodiversity of the Amazon is maintained through careful HAND SELECTION of our quality Purpleberries.
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ACAI BERRY Singapore Buy Acai Online in NZWhat Others Are Saying About Acai Berries

     Dr Nicholas Perricone MD:    " The number #1 food for anti aging".

   US Health Science Institute: 
"Nature's Perfect Food"

   Oprah Winfrey Show:    
"The #1 Superfood!"

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 Health & Nutritional Benefits of Acai

The purpleberry truly is natureís multivitamin, boasting a rich amount of almost every nutrient required to maintain excellent health, in every single organically and wild grown berry.   Learn more about our  Acai Nutritional Analysis.

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